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Shaun x Rosetta...this is gunna be a rollercoaster bwahahaha

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Rosetta closed her eyes for a moment before she led out him of the crowd and steered them toward the park. It was evening, so it was dark, but it lighted prettily.
"I never called the police." She told Shaun quietly as they walked. "I think Sanders just thinks they're incompetent, but I never called them."

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Shaun glanced over to her and he nodded.
"I figured..." He whispered. "When I didn't hear anything...well...I knew. I just..."

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Rosetta nodded, debating if she should tell him. How messed up was it that Amon knew and Shaun didn't?
"I knew you would figure it out." She said to him, looking at the trees.

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Shaun nodded, walking slowly with her. It was just nice to feel her presence again, even if nothing could be fixed, he wanted them to be on okay terms.

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"I should probably get back soon." She said softly, feeling awkward. "Sanders told me to have a blast, but I feel like he'll call the cavalry if I stay out all night."

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Shaun looked to her and he nodded.
"Yeah...probably..." He said. "How is that giant? Still gunning after me?"

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"He was in the beginning." She admitted. "He reenlisted though, so he's getting ready to go back to active duty. He has troops and a lot of other things on his mind, I think you're sort of falling off the radar." She told him. "I'm living with him right now."

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Shaun raised an eyebrow at her and he felt an unfamiliar sting.
"Is it...just a roommate thing or...?" He wasn't even sure he wanted to know.

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Rosetta looked up at him and frowned. Did he really think she would hop around that quickly?
"You're my one and only. You know that." She told him. Even if maybe didn't want him to be lately, he was.

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Shaun blushed a little, looking away from her.
"Mine too..." he whispered, shuffling his feet slightly. "I'll let you get going then...Don't want him to worry, right...?"

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Rosetta bit her lip, thinking. She could go with Shaun, run away again. But then, Jesus what was she even thinking? He had killed people, not just killed but murdered people. She shouldn't love him still. She didn't know why she did.
"Shaun-" She began, but she nearly fell apart just mentioning his name out loud.

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Shaun looked at her and he tilted his head. He smoothed back her hair, his thumb caressing her skin tenderly. He chewed on his lower lip, thinking carefully. Would it ever be the same?
"Rose..." he whispered, wanting to tell her he loved her, wanting to tell her he wanted to get better, that he was trying so hard not to give in, but he needed help, he wanted her help, but he couldn't put her in that predicament, he caused her so much pain already. After a moment, with a shaky breath he said, "Go home...."

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Rosetta looked away from him as he spoke, her heart breaking. What was she going to do? Just live with Sanders for the rest of her life? They barely even spoke as it was. Her only friend had ever been Shaun, and it was just over? They had been through so much. But it wasn't like she could just forget that he had murdered people.

She leaned forward and kissed him, her mouth moving against his steadily and hungrily before she pulled away and walked away. She didn't know if she'd ever see him again.

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Shaun jumped as she kissed him, moving against her lips just as hungrily. He didn't want it to end, so when she pulled away, he reached forward as if to grab her hand but he stopped himself, letting her go. He watched her for a moment, before turning towards his car.

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If she didn't stop him she would never see him again. The thought nearly crippled her. She needed time, time to process that he had his something from her again, time to process that he had hurt innocent people again. She watched him get into his car but she didn't turn away or move.

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Shaun sat in the car for a moment before glancing at Rosetta. As much as he wanted to stay with her, he had to get better. He knew he couldn't keep going like this before he was caught, or one of his potential victims were able to really hurt him. He finally started the car and began to drive off.

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Rosetta stepped forward as he started the engine, even though she told herself not to. She could easily call out to him, run toward the vehicle, get in and drive off into the sunset. He would probably let her. She bit the inside of her cheek as he drove off, finally turning away.

When she got to Amon's she put her things down and went to her room, sitting on the bed. She could hear Amon in his room, and after a moment she called to him.
"I ran into Shaun today." She admitted.

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Amon heard Rosetta, and he tried not to jump the gun. He stood up and moved over to her room, leaning against the archway.
"How'd that go?" he asked.

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Rosetta shrugged, feeling lifeless.
"He didn't try to attack me or anything, he just asked how I was. I told him I was fine." She explained, looking up at him.

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Amon rubbed the back of his neck.
"Are you fine though?" he asked.

Meanwhile, Shaun was walking downtown. He wasn't really paying attention when someone blocked his way.
"Give me your wallet." the man said.

"Fuck off..." Shaun mumbled trying to move past him. The man was clearly not having it so he flicked out his knife.

"I'll say it one more time, give me the wallet."

Shaun reached for the knife, and the man struggled against his gripped. He pushed the knife into Shaun's side before letting go. "Shit, shit, shit." he mumbled before running away. Shaun slumped to the floor, keeping pressure on the wound. Luckily someone was walking nearby and found him, calling an ambulance.

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Rosetta thought of all she had been through, especially all she had been through with Shaun.
"No." She said softly. "Not really."

The ER was hopping that night. Patients were on overflow status, and so Shaun was taken immediately to surgery. Although the wound wasn't that severe, it was the next open place with the training to deal with such a wound. The doctor that came in looked frazzled, but alert. He was a kind old soul, and he tended to Shaun after numbing the area.
"You need to stay here for at least an hour while we monitor the clotting and your temperature." He told Shaun, handing him the television remote. Shaun was in the bed closest to the door, the checkout desk right outside of his room. When the doctor left, another doctor came out of the adjourning room.
"I haven't had time for dictation all day." She told her nurse, handing her a stack of charts. "I have to take this, I'll sign off on what you get through."

The nurse sighed, she was used to this even though it wasn't quite legal.
"Patient is an African American female, approximately 5'8" and 135lbs." She began, Shaun able to hear. "Patient in last month of second trimester, entering third, brought to ward for ultrasound and check-up. Fetus approximately fifteen inches, responds to touch and sound. Mom and baby are healthy. Mother concerned about outward size of herself, told she has lots of room for the baby to settle vertically. Requested band to better hide pregnancy, father not in the picture. Patient name: Rosetta Thomas, date of birth 6/24/1992."

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Amon nodded, just as Loki came into the room and pawed at Rosetta, sensing stress. He whined softly, tale wagging lazily.
"I know..." He said. "did you tell him about the baby?"

Shaun didn't want to stay, hating hospitals, but he didn't argue. He flipped through the channels idly, until he heard the nurses talking. He was going to raise the volume when he heard Rosetta's name. No, it couldn't be the same one, it had to be a common name, right?

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Rosetta shook her head, burying it in her hands.
"No. He was leaving, and I knew if I told him that he would have stayed." She said softly. She lowered her hand to pet Loki affectionately. "Should I have?"

An hour later the nurse checked on Shaun and when she determined he was healthy she gave him his pain pill and sent him on his way.

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Amon shrugged his shoulders.
"If you feel he shouldn't know, then that's your decision." He said. "Your safety is more important. You don't know how he'd react."

Shaun left the hospital and he made his way to the hotel where he laid down on the bed. He stared at the ceiling, thinking back to Rosetta. She didn't even look pregnant, it had to be someone else...

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Rosetta looked up at Amon and sighed.
"He never hurt me. I know you think differently, but he didn't. If he finds out I think he'd just try to see me." She told him honestly. "Maybe I should just give the baby up for adoption."

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